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Karmen Sutra was born with glitter in her bloodline and heels too big for the beach of her small fishing island of Ketchikan, Alaska. In 2008 she decided to continue the family tradition of teasing and tantalizing and moved to a shinier seaside that could handle her brand of sass, Seattle, Washington. Granddaughter to Gaza Strip, a Bay Area performer of the Golden Era of burlesque, then gifted a ticket to her first live show in the tiny, historic Jewel Box Theater, she soon after graduated Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque and blossomed into a tantric twirly bird sure to entice even those with a rock hard resolve.

Karmen has become known for her classic, slow grind inherited from Nana Gaza, her earth shattering bumps, never ending tassel twirls and animated expressions. She continues to hit the stage from all sides, as a performer, stage manager, kitten and producer. Karmen is 1/3rd of the Emerald City Burlesque Revue, producing quarterly classic burlesque shows at the Jewel Box Theater in Belltown.

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A voluptuous vamp with a bias for beguiling, Sabina Soubrette is a Seattle-based burlesque performer, gracing the stage since 2012. She has performed her brand of classic tease and camp for Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque and Sailor St. Claire Presents, amongst many others. Sabina makes up one-third of Seattle’s Emerald City Burlesque Revue which produces classic, glamorous burlesque events on a quarterly basis at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater. She is known for her piercing gaze, sultry smile, and her winning winks. Also a classically-trained vocalist, Sabina will enchant your ears as well as your eyes. When not performing, Sabina delights in sipping a pink gin close to the ocean breeze, while wearing as little as possible of course. She is Seattle’s Stacked Silk Stocking -- Sabina Soubrette!

all portrait images by Max Shaw Photography


The Emerald City Burlesque Revue was co-founded by Karmen Sutra, Jovie DeVoe and Olatsa Assassin, in 2016.